In two years my city will be the stage for some matches of the FIFA World Cup 2014™.

Maybe you’ll join us. Or not. Maybe you already know the city. Or not.
But even if you know São Paulo, I bet you that I know it better.

After all, I was born here, worked on the streets and I can probably give you accurate and undistorted tips and inside info about everything that is happening.

From now until the events.

And believe me: São Paulo is not for beginners.
The city is more urban and wild than you may think. Be my guest. Or not.

Because if I give my honest opinion, I would say, do not come. It’s dangerous. And we are not prepared to receive tourists. There are many things you need to know. And the mainstream media does not comment.

FIFA is not pronounced in the name of profit. And Globo TV Network hides the truth in a manipulation of information.