R U kiddin’ me?

“We broke the windows ‘cause people was in panic”, says SP Metro user

The red line is the way to go for anyone who goes to the stadium. This line is saturated a long time ago. This week happened a chaos on a train after a system failure, with passengers confined.

“I was there when the problem happened. The subway stopped. The system air conditioning is turned off. And there was no service speaker,” said one user.

The people pressed the emergency buttons to open doors, but without success. “We broke the windows with kicks to leave because there were people sick. Saw at least four passengers breathless.” He reported.

There were about 300 people in the car in which he was. All people “breathing the same air.”

The passenger reported that a group of four men broke all emergency buttons of the car and tried to opened the door. Then the doors opened the passengers walked along the tracks of railway.