A man died with a shot in his head during the Cultural Turn in São Paulo. Elias Martins Moraes, 19 years old, was the victim of robbery followed by death. The police also confirmed the death of Jonatan Nascimento, 21 years old, victim of orvedose. But there are other victims of gunshots and also numerous reports of thefts of mobile and violent acts.

Around midnight, bandits formed a corridor and simulated the beginning of a fight, and then hold people within the corridor and rob them. The action took place 10 meters from a military police base, which the police claimed could not leave. Photographers also reported the rescue of a young man who was stabbed during a robbery. According to a police officer, this was not the only case of assault with a knife.

The police received reports of theft, robbery and victims of trawlers. Around 4:30 am, 100 people awaiting fulfillment. The 2nd District Police is operating above capacity.  From the outside, 15 vehicles housed offenders detained, who also spread the sidewalk, under the supervision of the police.

Among the victims on site, the Peruvian Eddy Robinzon had injuries after being assaulted by two men. One was caught red-handed and the other managed to escape. Besides him, about 20 people waited from 23h to record police report.

In Community Based Mobile Military Police mounted at the event, there were 150 incidents of robberies, thefts and assaults. A person came to be taken to the Santa House after getting knocked to the base after taking a blow to the head. The officer who was on duty said that most offenders are eventually free because there are no victims to do recognition in police stations.

The Holy House of Mercy, also faces overcrowding due to the Cultural Turn. The site received more than 20 victims of stab wounds, including five cases of gunshot wounds during fights, and one resulted in death.